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Praying Child Boy

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Family JOLLY JUMBLE window decal

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Product Information
Praying Child Boy in Complexion A Family Decal

These are vibrant, full-color family car decals, die-cut to the shape of the character, water fast, vinyl, adhesive window stickers, pressure sensitive that are easily removed. They usually last 2 years under normal weather conditions. The inks are water resistant and UV protected - colors stay vibrant for the life of this detailed family decal.
For safety reasons, MYJOLLYFAMILY.COM does not add names to our decals. Our intention is to offer colorful and original multi-ethnicity
characters that ONLY REPRESENT or SYMBOLIZE your "family members at their best, doing what they love most," not be an exact portrayal of them.
We took a stick figure and added a whole lot of Expression! (Besides, stick figures can't sing!)
-- After you order your products, please wait 2-3 weeks for delivery, for we print each product specifically for you...
Additional time may be needed for Jumbles and special requests since this artwork is created on demand.
-- For best results, please follow all surface preparation and application instructions included with your family car decal order.
-- MYJOLLYFAMILY.COM's car decals are car wash and windshield wiper friendly, and uphold to most weather conditions.
If our collection does not include a particular hobby, interest, activity or career, please send us a request to: Requests@MYJOLLYFAMILY.COM